Our Mission

CreativeU.Live strives to connect artists, musicians, and the local community. We offer a low-cost service of connecting musicians and artists into venues throughout the United States. From helping the community expand and grow in culture, we hope to be a lasting and integral part of the world’s artistic and musical environment.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to aid musicians and artists of all types to expand into the local, national and international marketplace. We want to help artists and musicians grow in their field and develop in marketing themselves as well. The ideal is for the world to experience greater culture, art and life as community venues, musicians and artists use CreativeU.Live to interact and truly make all the world a stage.

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Exclusive Services

We offer an exclusive platform just for artists, musicians, and those searching for them. This provides greater opportunities for people to find exactly who or what they are looking for, whether it be a designer, band, venue, or business.

When you sign up with us, you join a community with a purpose. CreativeU.Live is intended to expand culture through this platform. We want to help artists and musicians be seen and grow as well as businesses who want to display art or have live music or performing arts.

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Meet Our Team

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Linda Neumann Perez


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Shane Anderson
Vice President


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Emily Ingrao


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Destiny Montgomery


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Russ Lindblom
Operations Manager


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Liz Torres


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Dylan Sheffield


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Dennis Loya
Legal Counsel